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January 07, 2021 by Sam Nicolas Mantoufe

Voice Your Silent


There’s a lot more being exchanged in a typical conversation than just words… and viruses. Nonverbal cues are the product of cultural experiences and learned social behavior. When talking to others, your brain simultaneously registers visual, auditory, and behavioral signals. These make up your personal brand. Simply put, your personal brand is how people perceive you. Well defining your brand is a key step in your quest to establishing yourself as a leader in your field.

It’s an asset that consciously evolves with time and with you, and that needs to be managed.

The recent shift to virtual communication has highlighted how remote employees miss out on vital auditory and visual cues, while the lack of a structured workplace where professionals may hone their tone, conduct, and image can be detrimental to their brand. Luckily, this is the perfect time for you to seize the moment to improve and re-brand your communication.

Voicing Your Power

Your tone of voice can be as important as what you are saying. Think about how people automatically adjust their tone whether they are talking to a single person or a crowd and whether they want to convey passion or apathy, or somewhere in between. Learning how to adjust your verbal tone is key to how people perceive your brand and how they may approach you in the future.

And. There's a lot. to learn. when it comes to. taking. pauses.

Your Body Doesn't Lie

You often say “I got a gut feeling about” how (in)sincere someome is. It is no rocket science that this is due to nonverbal cues that your subconscious picks up.

Women do this more often. Call it women intuition, the people at the University of Utah[1] call it gender-based differences in communication. A recent study by UofU highlighted how telecommunication has exacerbated these differences: women tend to speak less and get interrupted more in virtual meetings. In fact, women instinctively rely on nonverbal cues to gauge the other side. Body language signals are noticed and relied upon more than words. So how do you interpret virtual body language and nonverbal cues?

[1] Wang, S. S., & Roubidoux, M. A. (2020). Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Videoconferencing, and Gender. Journal of the American College of Radiology, 17(7), 918-920.

Talk to the Brand

Think of the last time you stopped watching a video or tuned-out during a staff meeting because of a poor speaker.

Connecting with your audience is about understanding how you can relay the message in the best way possible. Even in our teleconference-based business world, public speaking is still a crucial skill that can make or break your brand.

Building your brand is a feat, but you can start here, by sharpening your communication skills.

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