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November 01, 2020 by Sam Nicolas Mantoufe

Redefining Today's Business Communication

It’s safe to say that this is your first time living through a pandemic. Interestingly, despite the many technologies available at our fingertips, most of us find that lines of communication between remote colleagues and clients are getting unusual. Sometimes it feels like having too many channels of communication can be as bad as having none. We’ve lost the flow of non-verbal signals we normally got from face-to-face interactions, like popping into a colleague’s office for a quick check-in or having an informal after-meeting chat with a client. So what to do?

It’s Time for a System Upgrade

Thriving cross-border collaboration is bringing along a new set of challenges for business communication. Though most of us speak English, we live in a world where misinterpretations can be costly and good impressions can land you your next gig. These changes need adaptations, such us more structured professional communications, clearer messages that speak the client’s language, and higher knowledge of verbal and non-verbal cues. Have you considered an upgrade to the way you communicate and thus do business?

Product = The way you communicate

Your communication style is the product and, today, you clearly need to brand and differentiate yourself. What we are saying is that it is the time for you to stand out; to develop your personal communication branding: your own tone of voice. Yes indeed, your personal structure of your written communications. Or even, your own stamp on how you verbally communicate. Your brand must leave an impact. Does it?

Effort + Wrong Tools = Sub-results

Using the right tool for the right job can sometimes become a daunting task if you are unaware of the techniques you can implement into your communications to yield the results you seek. Keeping the end in mind and constructing different messages, not just with a strategy, but also with the right structural backbone, is an asset that can bring you enhanced replies –the ones you’d ideally aim for, right?

Better Business Communication = Enhanced Replies

In our blog, we will touch upon impactful business communication that is branded to your advantage, including effective email writing, effectual personal branding, and efficacious tips on becoming an insightful communicator both in writing and verbally.  And more? Yes!

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